Moving On

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been motivated enough to write anything for this blog never mind produce anything ‘arty’ for my shop. The pandemic has taken its toll on all aspects of our life and the impact has been devastating for many. However, things move on and I am extremely fortunate to still have all my family and friends, so many people have lost so much. , I did though lose all incentive, motivation and inspiration to create in any form. Thankfully, I am once again enjoying spending time in my little ‘den’ and hopefully will soon be able to add more items to the shop.

Onwards and upwards to better, happier times…..

 A short back and sides….

Last weekend was the highlight of our ‘all-things-sheepy’ calendar. Our lovely little shepherdess Morag, travelled over from Islay having just sheared over THREE THOUSAND sheep. She only had 16 extremely portly Uragaig sheep to shear but there were a lot of expletives uttered!! The attached video explains why!

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